What is it important to have a fuel management system?


Fuel has been a very important commodity in the recent years. Managing fuel can be a very tricky business as it has been a nuisance for the fleet management. Fuel losses, inaccurate reporting and other issues have severely impacted the fuel cost throughout. Since there is not real monitoring of fuel, the problem has been growing since.

Benefits of having a fuel management system

Seeing the problem growing rapidly, some fleet owners have started using fuel management systems to their aid. After years of discovery, it has been determined that these fuel monitoring systems have been very helpful in limiting the fuel loss. There are multiple benefits that these fuel management systems entail. Some of these include,

Easy record keeping

Manual record keeping can be a very tiring job in the current era. With the advent of technology, people have been shifting towards the online cloud based platforms for the record of their private data. Not only can these softwares help in maintain the data and records efficiently, but they can also assure that there will no errors. This is by far the easiest and safest way to have large amounts of data stored.

Reduction in fuel loss

The best part about the fuel management system is that they assist the fleet owners in determining the fuel theft accurately. Often people play with numbers and hide the fuel values to hide the fuel losses and theft. With management systems, you can instantly check the fuel amount. There are regular reconciliation reports generated that the fleet owners can visit to see if everything is going on point. With manual check and balance, it is going to take days or even weeks to figure out if there has been a loss, specially with larger organizations.

Finding the underperforming assets

As mentioned, the fuel management system generate reports on a regular basis. This makes it very easy for fleet owners to see which assets are working inefficiently. More often than not, there will be one single asset that is affecting the entire fleet. Rather than trying to figure out manually, you can easily figure out the assets through the reports generated. This helps the fleet owners in deciding which assets need maintenance or need to be scrapped.

Reducing theft

Fuel theft has been a common problem in the fuel industry. People tend to bribe the vendors and steal fuel from them with ease. A fuel management system is the perfect solution for such a problem. This can help them in seeing where the fuel is consumed and what vehicles are using it. Fleet owners are very relieved as this improves efficiency and benefits them substantially.

Tracking cost per distance covered

A very important benefit that these fuel monitoring systems have is that they can provide the exact distance traveled by the fuel in each fleet. It will also give an estimate of how much is already consumed by each fleet. This helps the fleet owners in calculating the cost per mile and see if they are operating efficiently. This constant check of performance can help them in fixing a problem as soon as it arrives.

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