An Efficient Way to Protect Your Product

Packaging Boxes are used to store or deliver food products. These boxes are widely used in all kinds of industries. Food packaged in these boxes are packed and shipped to various places. The market for packaging boxes is highly dynamic. It has experienced manifold fluctuations as the market for products like fresh, powdered, sweet, confectionery, biscuits, etc.

Most of the packaging boxes, commonly known as cartons, have been made from paperboard or fiberglass. The main folding methods also differ according to the needs. Rigid box cartons, which are often used in food retailing, are generally made of high-quality cardboard while other folding cartons like the flexible type are manufactured from high quality paperboard.

The main advantage of using these two different types of packaging materials is that they are cost-effective and they can be easily maintained. With the help of a screw loose in the lid of the folding paperboard boxes; the top of rigid type cartons can be fastened tightly to a flat base. The pressure within a closed lid will also make the top of rigid cartons come open. All these features make these packing cartons very easy to use and convenient to store.

The traditional packaging boxes are manufactured from wood. These are environment-friendly and good for our health. However, the advantages associated with wooden boxes have been minimized as manufacturing process has been complicated and required large number of resources. With the advancement of technology and rapid development in the fields of science and technology; eco-friendly options have emerged as one of the best options. The best feature of eco-friendly material is that it does not contribute towards deforestation or release of dangerous chemicals.

The best alternative in terms of quality and cost is the corrugated boxes which are manufactured from corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated boxes are manufactured with smooth surface and smooth corners which ensure no gaps. These boxes also provide maximum protection to the product. Corrugated packaging boxes are also available in the form of tri-fold as well as bi-fold. The bi-fold boxes are better option for heavy products whereas tri-fold are better suited for lighter products.

As mentioned earlier, the bi-fold and tri-fold packaging boxes are suitable for light and medium duty products whereas rigid boxes are suitable for heavy and oversized products. All the three packaging materials can be purchased from any local retailer or from online stores. With the help of internet, buyers can access a large number of online stores that deal in the sale of corrugated boards, rigid boxes, bi-fold and tri-fold boxes. A wide range of corrugated board packaging boxes are also available at low prices. However, while purchasing online, buyers must ensure that the site they are ordering from is a reputed site and has a secure payment gateway.

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