What can your thermal camera do

Humans are not very well adapted to seeing in the dark. In fact, they are very bad at it. This is why we have come up with many different ways to remedy this with different cameras and night vision sets. One of the most prominent methods in use are night visions scopes or sets, which amplify the light passing through the lens and render a better image. Another great option are thermal cameras, which don’t work based on the same principle, but which are just as useful.

Thermal cameras work by looking for infra-red heat signals, which are emitted by all living creates. This is then converted into an electrical image. The image is show in various colors, each signifying a different heat level. Here are some of the things thermal imaging cameras can do that you might find interesting:

See Everything

Heat cameras need heat signals to work, infra-red signals more specifically, and there is no way to hide from one. Even with virtually no light, in any kind of weather, thermal cameras can dins any heat signal and will certainly find the target they are looking for. This is why they are used by the military, the police, and by rescue teams to find survivors in difficult to see accidents.

Measure Everything

Every object in the world which has a temperature above zero emits a heat signal, which means that a thermal imaging camera, and the images it returns, can give you a very good image of the things you are looking at, and you will also more than likely recognize it. A human being is easy to identify, and more than easy to spot – you will also likely identify all manner of different animals without much difficulty.

Pick up Reflecting Heat

This is a fun fact that may or may not come in handy, but it is useful to know – if you point a thermal camera at a window, it will not record anything outside it. In fact, it will pick up the heat that is reflecting from you, or any other heat signals in the vicinity, which are bouncing off the glass. An important fact to keep in mind if you are looking to use these cameras for security purposes. Different thermal imagers will have different properties, so make sure you inform yourself about them.

Find Systems that are Overheating

The most impressive use of these cameras in the commercial world is finding a point where electrical or any other systems are overheating, to be able to fix the problem. Thermal cameras will find the exact spot where to problem is arising, so you can easily call in the experts to fix it. This will save you both money and stress in the long term, so make sure to check out the Powerpoint Engineers offer of thermal imaging cameras.

Find Poor Insulation

Heating in commercial and industrial environments can cost quite a pretty penny, and with a thermal imaging camera, you can find out where your insulation is poor, fix the problem and save money and help the planet. You can also check pipes and other areas for heat loss, as well as windows and doors to see where your draughty areas are, and remedy all these issues.

These were just some of the ways a thermal imaging camera can help you. They are of course widely used in many other areas, and you can find ways to apply them in almost any area of business, so make sure you find the camera that will best suit your needs, and go from there.

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