3 Tips For Offering Your Customers Or Clients A Discount On Products Or Services

If you have your own business and you’ve been wanting to try offering people a discount or other promotion for your products or services, there are some strategic things you’ll want to think about before doing this. Otherwise, you could wind up offering more than you should, not having your promotion taken advantage of, and have the whole thing just turn into one big headache.

To help make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, here are three tips for offering your customers or clients a discount on products or services. 

Make Sure You Have A Clear Goal In Mind

Before you start planning out your actual promotion at all, you’ll first want to think about what your goal is for having a promotion or discount in the first place. 

The goals that you may have can be varied. For example, if you’re wanting to appeal to an older, more financially secure crowd, you might want to offer senior discounts or team up with a senior living facility to advertise your discounts. You may also have goals like getting new customers, getting more memberships, selling more product, and so much more. So once you know what you’re hoping to achieve with your business, you can then strategically use discounts and promotions to help you reach those specific goals

Choose The Right Promotion

Now that you know what your goal is, you can put together a promotion that will best help you to move forward on those goals. 

Depending on the goal that you chose, you might want to try promotions like offering free samples, doing a buy-one-get-one promotion, doing a cashback promotion, offering a discount to certain demographics of people or for certain purchase minimums, flash sales, coupons, vouchers, and more. As you’re deciding how to go about doing your promotion and discount, make sure the rules are clear to you and that they will be clear to your customers and clients as well. 

Advertise It Like Crazy

Once you have everything in place for your promotion or discount, you’ll want to make sure that you advertise it like crazy. 

For many people, hearing that these’s some kind of promotion going on, especially if it’s something that doesn’t happen often, will make them want to take action and take advantage of this deal. Even people that may not have otherwise been interested can have their interest piqued enough to work with you. So to get the maximum benefit from your chosen promotion, make sure you’re doing your best to get the word out about it, as it can help your business financially and serve to boost your reputation.

If you want to see a surge in your business through a promotion or discount for your customers or clients, consider using the tips mentioned above as you strategize this for your business.  

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