When to Update your Packaging Labels

There are many ways your business can benefit from new or updated packaging labels. A new and improved label can breathe life into your brand, help you stand out in the crowd, and attract new customers. But, should you really change? Before rushing into any packaging designs or deciding to buyboxes, consider some things to see if a label update suits your brand. The following are some reasons it makes sense to have a new packaging label:

Adding a New Product

As with new markets, adding new products lines can help your brand get found by more customers than you have before. Giving your product a new or updated look will get put in the face forward to your excited customers. Also, changing your packaging labels can enhance brand consistency through all your product lines. Consider using color-coded labels to distinguish every product line.Expanding your Brand’s Reach

If you are looking to expand into new markets, reinvent the look of your product or experiment with various labels as new audiences will not be biased. For this, you can take advantage of digital label print so you can print several versions of your labels to test in various markets. Also, you can use digitally printed labels to personalize your design for particular audiences and markets.

Adjusting to Market Changes

Regulatory bodies are constantly reviewing and modifying labeling regulations because of new information and to better protect consumers. No matter the enacted changes, manufacturers have a particular amount of time to update their packaging labels. You need to monitor labeling regulations which apply to your products and update your labels as necessary.

Maintaining Relevance

Over time, the taste of customers evolves and what once worked for your brand may not work now. As the competition in the market gets tighter, you don’t want to keep outdated labels. There is no need to make a complete change in your labels to keep them fresh and relevant. You can just simplify the label design or use a different material to give the packaging a breath of fresh air while keeping your brand’s essence.Improving the Appeal of your Packaging

When you sell products, you don’t want to blend in with the crowd. Rather, you want to stand out to get noticed. You can achieve this by revamping your packaging labels. Aside from differentiating your brand form your competitors, this can make it easier to capture the attention of customers.

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