Different Positions in Radio Jobs That Help in Building Career

Career in Radio is always exciting because you have vast array of job opportunities. You can either be the host of the show, control the microphone or you can manage the backstage where you need the control the staff and studio. There is vast list of career opportunity in broadcast industry that you may come across. However, all job opportunities aren’t suitable for everyone.

If you’re deciding to start a profession in broadcast industry, then you should know your personality and capabilities. This will help you choose from different radio careers. There are different graduate and undergraduate programs available in media school. These program help you get certification and journalism or communication. The degree received helps in getting experience in digital radio technology.

The M&S Media School in Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, and Miami are known for providing varieties of programs in digital media. You can approach these schools and know more about them through Beonair Network which is the National Media Broadcast Organization. Here you can know all programs run by these colleges. The Radio and Broadcasting program is of 8 months. This class includes proper training of tools as well as skills that are required in professional world.

There are various areas of opportunities in Broadcast industries. You should know what suits you best. Here is the list of careers available in radio –

  • General Manager is the topmost position which requires handling the financial, ethical, social, physical performance in the radio station. Since it is the top position, therefore lot of experience is expected from the candidate in the same field with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from university in business administration.
  • Programming director helps in developing a vision for the show or radio station by giving content for the radio projects, this may also include the choice of songs to be played in the show. The candidate should hold any degree in communication in radio plus television program.
  • Sales manager is responsible behind the success of radio station and any show, which is done through advertising, promoting online and through social media. Their main role is to generate revenue and to gain more clients for investments.
  • Radio engineers are for technical department to handle any kind of troubleshooting. Of course, this requires degree in engineering and as the position goes higher the degree requirement is also more.

  • Radio announcers are the main personalities of radio stations because all shows are aired by them. There is always tough competition among all announcers like disc jockey, news reporter, commercial announcer, etc. thus their experience and certificates from universities play an important role in career building.

Every position in radio and broadcasting industry requires degree and experience. At a low level you get through with degree, but in higher level, they always require experience along with proper degree. Thus, choose best institute to achieve the goal in life.

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