Copper nickel pipe manufacturers

The manufacturers of copper nickel pipe produce different grades and types of this material. The identity of this material is that it contains copper and nickel. There are also the addition of iron and manganese based on the grade of the material. These additions provide extra strength, corrosion resistance and other mechanical properties for workability. Machining and welding procedures will depend on the composition of these pipes. Some compositions would allow welding and some others are difficult to weld. There are wrought copper nickel pipe and seamless ones. The seamless ones have less absolute roughness whereas the wrought ones have very high tensile strength. The manufacturers produce these pipes to be used in various industries.

The applications include marine and sea water equipment and piping, medical equipment, applications of heat exchange and many others. Due to the less oxidation of copper, it is used in medical industry and it does not allow the growth of most microbes on it. There are different types such as the 90/10 copper nickel tube and the 70/30 tubes. The difference is the composition and they could be used in different applications. These pipes are heat sensitive. They could expand rapidly when exposed to heat. So the temperature fluctuations should be carefully considered before installing these pipes. The prices of these pipes could vary. The 70/30 copper nickel tube pricing depends on the supply and demand. Usually, only special purpose applications require the special type of pipes and the prices are high when stocks are low.

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