Cardboard Boxes Vs. Corrugated Boxes: What’s Better?

Packing is easily one of the most critical components for selling a product. When we talk of packaging boxes, most people refer to cardboard boxes. While cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes look the same, there are considerable differences. If you are thinking of an option for your brand products, below is a guide for your help, and along with that, we are also sharing tips on how you can select the right company for corrugated boxes manufacturing.

How are corrugated boxes different?

In case of corrugated boxes, there are three layers for the material. The first one is the inner lining, and there is a corrugated medium in between, which has air pockets. There is also an outside lining. The simplest example of corrugated boxes is shipping cartons. In most cases, corrugated boxes are used for retail packaging, because the design is such that the product is protected from damages owing to handling and other factors.

On the other hand, cardboard boxes are made of thick paper material, typically called “paperboard”. A simple example of that would be boxes used for consumer goods. Cardboard boxes are typically used for all kinds of products that don’t require heavy-duty packaging.

Making a choice

It is hard to decide if you should go for corrugated boxes or carboard material for your product, because it depends on many factors. The product itself is an important factor, because if you are packing a heavy product that must be shipped to distant places, corrugated boxes are better than standard cardboard boxes.

Finding a manufacturer for corrugated boxes

There are varied companies that deal in corrugated boxes, but always take your time before selecting an option. The cost of packaging depends on the dimensions of the product and the quality of corrugated boxes required, but it is a good idea to ask for an estimate in advance. Secondly, always check the quality of their best products. Keep in mind that a manufacturer is not just offering corrugated boxes, but they can be an extended arm for your business, helping with packaging needs. Many companies have their own team for structural conceptualization and graphics, and you can expect to get help for storing your corrugated boxes too, just in case you want to order in bulk.

Check all these aspects and find the right company for your packaging needs now. Order a small batch of corrugated boxes to test their services first.

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