Advantages of Taking a Small Business Loan

Loans are required by local businesses all the time. When a business runs out of funding, it has to focus on external sources of finance with business loans being the most popular form of finance. One of the reasons why so many businesses take out loans is because they don’t have to give away equity. Instead of bringing on an investor and giving away part of their equity to someone else, businesses prefer taking out loans because they can pay it off easily.

However, in this economy, finding a decent loan provider can be difficult. If the interest rates are higher, your company might buckle under the pressure of repaying the loan over time. It’s going to affect profitability and might even affect the going concern of your company. Taking out a small business loan from a reliable lender such as is a great choice. Here are just a few reasons why so many businesses consider taking business loans.

Ideal for Small Businesses

One of the reasons why loans are a better choice is because they are tailored towards small businesses only. The interest rates are generally lower so the borrower isn’t burdened. Most small business loans are given at a rate of around 15%-18% whereas equity investments come with an average interest rate of around 25% annually. This difference is pretty high and can greatly affect your cash flow.

Shorter Commitments

Another reason why small business loans are a better choice is because you don’t have to worry about making a long-term commitment. The nature of relationship that you have with the lender is based on numbers: the lender will want to ensure that your business is faring well financially and, most importantly, that the loan amount is being repaid on time. On the other hand, if you bring investors on board, they are going to ask a number of questions about how your business is operating and managing your relationship with the investor is going to be a bit more complicated. Because they are literally putting their own money in your business, they will want to keep tabs on how the business is faring and will ask you to share timely reports about the company’s operations.


The terms of the loan are agreed beforehand and are unlikely to change during the tenure of the loan. However, if you bring in equity investments, the terms can change according whenever the investor wants. This unpredictability is bad for business as you never know when they might change. If the loan repayments are predictable, you can plan beforehand and make sure that the payments are made on time. These are just some of the many advantages that business loans provide.

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