Consider All These Factors, While Selecting Transformers

Transformers are supposed to be one of the critical items for most of the industrial process as well as supplying and distributing the power.

There are a wide range of transformers available for different kinds of applications and Surplec offers repair and/or remanufacturing solutions for different kinds of transformers.

Now if you are interested to choose your transformer for certain use then you must consider the following few factors:

  • The kind of environment where transformer shall work

In certain applications, the transformer may be installed in very worst kind of environment while in certain other applications, it may get safe indoor location.

Therefore, in order to install your transformer in certain adverse climatic situation, you need to exactly specify it so that the manufacturer can meet the requirement.

  • What kind of operation the transformer will perform?

There are many different operations that the transformer performs based on its application. Your type of transformer will therefore be decided based on your particular operation.

  • Size requirements of the transformer

Depending upon the rating as well as other characteristics, the size of your transformer will be decided.

  • Whether you need dry or oil filled transformer?

Certain transformers produce excessive heat while they are in continuous operation and therefore needs oil cooling. However, any low power transformer will be good enough with air cooling.

  • Any protections to be specified

Any kind of transformer can be an expensive investment and therefore, it is necessary that you have to consider about its protection before installing them. Depending upon size and application, you will choose its protection.

  • Where the transformer to be located?

For any large-scale operations, often transformers are located at remote location, whereas in certain applications, transformers chosen can also be easily accessible.

Therefore, while selecting the transformer you must keep this in mind.

  • What other accessories to be considered?

There are various other accessories also needed along with the transformer in order to make its operation safe and convenient. You need to decide about it while choosing your transformer.

  • Whether transformer conforms to certain regulation

Quite often where the needs are quite stringent, then it is necessary that transformer chosen must be as per the local laws of that area. There are various national as well as international standards available in this regard.

For any kind of big purchases, often the cost becomes an important criteria and transformers are also not an exception to that. Therefore, while selecting your transformer it is also necessary that you follow the best economic principle too.

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