Activities That May Be Suitable For Your Company’s Team Building Events

Many companies can benefit from sending their employees to team building events, and with so many companies offering this as a service, there are plenty of choices available. You can help improve the communication within your company and ensure everyone works together as a team when you use these types of events to engage with employees. Below are some of the various available activities from reputable companies that may be suitable for your business and its employees.

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race was a popular TV show worldwide, and it is something companies have also incorporated into training. Teams must work together in a race to the finish, trying to beat their rivals, and you can have your race tailored to you and your location. The usual minimum group size is about ten, and you can have hundreds of people taking part if your organisation is large. Reputable company, team building activities, include an Amazing Race, which is fully customisable and tailored for your organisation.


MasterChef is another hugely popular TV show that you can incorporate into a fun and exciting team-building event. Under guidance from the Head Chef, the teams must work together to design their menu, allocate tasks, prepare the dishes, and cook everything to perfection. An added benefit of this team building game is everyone gets to enjoy some delicious food, hopefully, and maybe a few drinks as well. They can learn new skills, enhance existing ones, and bring everyone closer together as a team.

Beach Olympics

You can also consider a Beach Olympics team-building event, which most people will enjoy and can be lots of fun. You get to spend time outdoors in a pleasant environment and participate in lots of fun and exciting activities. It is suitable for small and large groups, and there are many activities you can have, such as:

  • Volleyball
  • Tug-O-War
  • Running Events
  • Throwing Events
  • Dodge Ball
  • Swimming Events

A day of tam-building on the beach can be immense fun for everyone, and you can get your employees working closer as a team and enhance their communication skills. You can also have a perfect finish to the day and enjoy a BBQ on the beach once your Beach Olympics has finished.

Come Together For A Charity

You can also decide to do one of the various events available that can help you with team building for your company while helping a worthwhile cause. They can be tailored to your employees’ specific needs, be fun, and require lots of teamwork to win. Some of these events are as follows:

Bike Building: Teams race to complete tasks and win bike parts. The first team to win all the bike parts, assemble the bike, and have it inspected to be safe, wins, and the bike gets donated to a registered children’s charity.

Community Kitchen: The employees will need to use teamwork and come together to plan a menu within budget and prepare and cook the food for a community kitchen, feeding those less well off. Learn to work together while doing something worthwhile for the local community and those that need support.

Helping Hands: Your team-building event can also help some of those people unfortunate to have had limbs blown off from landmines. It is an event that will get your employees thinking, and it does fantastic work for charities helping get prosthetic limbs to those that need them, with more than 1 million people needing a prosthetic hand.

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