All You Need To Know About The Singapore Research Funding!

The SIIRD (Singapore-Israel Industrial Research & Development Foundation) is funding that is based on the co-operation between Israel Innovation Authorities and Enterprise Singapore that aims at promoting industrial projects related to the Research and Development segment of the foundation which will be done as a joint work of both the authorities. It will be facilitated and supported by both the authorities to ensure the best R&D service. This singapore research funding also aims to extend support for various pilot projects in terms of the funding.

Benefits of the funding

Various partners can benefit from the funding operations as you can find a partner for Industrial Research and Development easily. You can also learn about various schemes and research grants which could contribute further. Learning about how all of this works could be helpful to the process.

Know about the other details

If you wish to know about the other details, you can visit their official website online where all the necessary details have already been mentioned. You can check out various links that can guide you regarding the templates, guidelines, and application process.

Learn about the foundation properly and contact them directly now!

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