Use this Guide when Replacing Manhole Covers

Manhole covers should be replaced at some stage. This can be necessary when a vehicle’s load damaged the cover because of its weight, pavement surfaced around the manhole cover, eroded road, or rust that has taken its toll. When a manhole cover is damaged, it has to be replaced right away because it can be a serious safety hazard for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. Manhole covers can be bought from suppliers of plastic manholes.  When replacing manhole, use this guide for a successful project:

Choosing the Manhole Cover Material

In terms of manhole covers, you have three main materials to choose from that have their own benefits. Traditionally, cast and ductile iron is the most common material of choice of its range of sizes and loading capacities. Sometimes, it can handle up to 90 tonnes which makes it ideal for loading docks and roads frequently used by vehicles.

Another option for manhole covers is galvanized steel. This type of manhole cover is light and easy to install as well as has a loading capacity of up to 17 tonnes. Manhole covers made of galvanized steel is ideal for road used frequently by lighter vehicles.

Lastly, plastic manhole covers are a contemporary and famous choice for almost all new building applications. Aside from featuring a better look in a tarmac driveway, a plastic manhole cover is also good for the environment as it can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Considering the Manhole

A manhole is also called anthat allows drains to be inspected and cleaned regularly to avoid blockage. When you replace a manhole cover, you must use a tape measure to determine the chamber’s diameter. This is particularly important for plastic chambers. After doing this, you can buy a frame and cover to match the chamber’s size. A plastic chamber that is deeper than 1.2 meters requires incorporating a reducer to minimize the opening to 350mm. It is important to doubl-check the frame e and manhole cover before buying to ensure they fit with the relevant inspection chamber of the manufacturer.

Kinds of Manhole Covers

When buying manhole covers, you will choose between standard covers and recessed/internal manhole covers. A recessed cover and frame is a metal tray that lets you lay a variety of slabs or block paving. It is easily attainable and eliminates the need to use galvanized steel covers. Thus, this kind of manhole cover is perfect for patios and block paving. Meanwhile, internal manhole covers can be used as an extension or in garages, and conservatories. They have a double seal to prevent odor from escaping.

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