Online Delivery Alcohol Platforms: The History

Alcohol is a social drink that plays a big part in many celebrations. One of the most notable celebrations, Christmas, has been going on for centuries and alcohol has always been present. However, there have been more options available to purchase alcohol online than at liquor stores or supermarkets in recent years. This blog post will discuss about all the trend which came in the path of the history of these alcohol online delivery platforms.

– Alcohol online delivery platforms first began to pop up in the early 2000s. Mark Phillips founded the first major alcohol website called, which launched back in 2001. These platforms are responsible for alcohol home delivery and were a great source of gtting you favourite wines at your doorstep.

– During this time, many small businesses also created their platforms for selling alcohol online.

Some of these included been direct and wine libraries, among others that are no longer around today or have since been bought out by larger companies, such as Wine Chateau being purchased by Empire Brands Incorporated back in 2017.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to online alcohol delivery platforms. Unfortunately, many smaller companies have been bought out, and some no longer exist, leaving a select few to choose from.

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