Monitoring working time in Linux

Monitoring working time in Linux: How to choose the right program?

According to statistics as of December 2020, users of only one version of Windows were 55.9%, while Linux was 4.8%. It is not surprising that most software is designed to work with this system. The situation is also caused by the fact that Linux uses different distributions for which separate support must be developed.

Therefore, controlling working time in Linux is complicated by finding a suitable program. After all, most are designed for Windows.

Monitask is one of the few timekeeping systems that has a client under Linux.

Monitask is installed on your computer and records employee arrival/ departure, time worked, breaks, work with files, programs, applications. Statistics is available online and can be stored both on Monitask servers and on the company’s server.

Monitask supports all popular .rpm and .deb Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora and others. Linux-client does not differ in functionality from its Windows analogue. The program is updated automatically and supports new versions of browsers.

The program starts when the computer is turned on and runs until it is turned off. In the employee’s statistics the exact time of the beginning of the working day is displayed.

The Monitask time recording software will show the number of hours worked per day/week/month.

Monitask analyzes computer activity (programs, websites) and categorizes them into productive, unproductive and neutral. This way it is much easier to control your working hours. After all, it is clear where working hours go.

Social media, for example, is automatically detected at unproductive times and highlighted in red.

If a person has been away for a long time and needs to give several reasons, he will be able to break down the time period into several periods and characterize each of them.

Working time time tracking in Linux is not a problem with Monitask. The program can be installed on any computer in the company. It is universal for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

You can download the program over the network or send out download links to your employees by mail. A quick installation is followed by easy use and quality tech support.

Moreover, there is no need to update the program yourself. Monitask is regularly updated and supports the latest versions of browsers.

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