How Cloud-Based Business Templates Can Help your Company

If you run your own business, you don’t need to be reminded how important image is, and whenever you communicate with your potential customers, it is essential to do it in the right format. Aside from general communication, the most important form of contact is when you are trying to win an order, and this is one area where every business can benefit from using professionally designed business templates.

Specifically Designed for your Industry

You might need an investment proposal template or are trying to drum up some sponsorship, whatever your needs, there are slick templates available from online providers and so sure are they that you will fall in love with their products, they are happy to let you try for free. The powerful online application empowers you to embed video, images, charts, graphs and even web pages – which is what you need if you want to create an eye-catching proposal.

Designed to Impress

Let’s face it, closing the deal is the difference between success and failure, and by using a professionally designed template, you can incorporate your company colours and logo to create a stunning sales proposal. Companies report a significant increase in orders after they began using these state-of-the-art templates, and there are many other benefits to enjoy.

Cloud Based Collaboration

You probably have a sales team who collaborate on large scale proposals, and with an online proposal template, everyone has access, can edit, and more importantly, communicate in real time. There’s no bulky software, all you need is a device and an Internet connection and you’re good to go. The team could be in different regions of the world, yet can still collaborate in real time, and with Skype and other apps, you can video conference to brainstorm.

Keep a Winning Combination

Once you have designed a proposal that works for you, simply save it and it can be reused, besides, it isn’t wise to change a winning formula. Clever integration of company colours, logo will allow you to make an important statement about who you are as an organisation. The time you will save by using preconfigured templates is considerable, and if you regularly propose to a client, you can mix the designs to ensure you hold the client’s interest.

Powerful Online Tools

The easy to use interface uses drag and drop to embed high quality video, images, charts, graphs and web pages, and with learn more buttons, you can integrate case studies and a “meet the team” page. If you want the client to raise an eyebrow when they view your proposal, using a professionally designed template maximises your chances of success, and with so many competitors who are adequately qualified, it is often the way the proposal is presented that tips the scales. Introduce your company with a colourful executive summary, and with all the stakeholders having 24/7 access, the proposal is soon ready to send to the client.

It couldn’t be easier to forge an alliance with the online business template provider – a simple Google search will have you looking through their wide range of products, and once you have found the right template, sign up and it’s yours, along with 24/7 access to all their powerful tools.

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