The Future of Bolted Steel Tanks

You are probably familiar with the idea that bolted steel tanks are the perfect solution if you wish to save both money and time. Industries have used them for decades, and some of the oldest ones on the market are still in use and good shape.

However, people still do not understand the numerous technological advances that happened in the last few years when it comes to the construction and design of bolted tanks.

We are talking about innovative and unique options such as power coating that can quickly increase the durability of tanks that you purchase.

At the same time, the powder coating process requires a comprehensive and detailed application and preparation so that you can ensure longevity.

What Has Changed Over Years?

Latest bolted tanks are much different from old ones that appeared forty years ago, and the first difference is based on the design and construction. During the designing process, old tanks were drawn in two dimensions, which was both times consuming and inefficient.

At the same time, due to the human mistake and inability to be accurate, it was challenging to create a develop a new tank option.

On the other hand, due to advancement in technology, the designing process uses 3D modeling software, which will make the process much more accurate and faster than before.

At the same time, some high-end tanks are designed by using building information modeling software that will create and allow you to encompass the entire project from the point of planning to manufacture, engineering, and construction.

You can also contain other information within a BIM system such as dimensions and weight of components and materials you used to construct the tank you wanted to make.

The current technological standards also progressed and that lead to a point where tanks are performing better and lasting longer than before. Apart from that, advances in wind and seismic design methods allowed us to create structurally sound and safe tanks in overall.

When you wish to find a service that will help you create a tank from scratch, you will be able to approve the drawings much faster than before, since everything will be online instead of hard copies that require plenty of hassle.

In case that you wish to revise and make a change, the 3D modeling system will allow you to implement revision very accurate and straightforward.

You should check this link: to learn more on BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Differences in Material

The second difference that we have to mention here between modern bolted steel tanks and old ones in the process of manufacture. For instance, old tanks used individually fabricated materials, which was usually handmade with necessary equipment.

That is why every single part had a slight variation, and it was a common problem that pieces cannot fit properly after the construction, which could increase the possibility of leakage.

The primary goal of modern storage tanks is to provide you accurate and precision-crafted products that cannot enter the market without proper and specialized machinery.

We have mentioned above that design starts by 3D modeling; however, it is exported into high-end computer-aided manufacturing software that will control large CNC machinery.

Have in mind that the automated process will ensure exceptional accuracy and reduce overall fabrication time so that you can enjoy all the way.

If you wish to ensure that everything meets proper measurements, the idea is to lock an entire panel into place by using machinery, and that will provide you the most accurate result possible.

Robotic welding equipment will weld tank components together at 100% perfection and accuracy.

Apart from that, you should consider that numerous procedures have been implemented to process with the idea to ensure that all aspects are entirely accurate. Most facilities have to gain certification that will guarantee the product’s quality and consistency.

It is not simple to get certification, and these companies have invested both effort and time to create an operation that will improve quality and eliminate margin of error.

Everything will be thoroughly analyzed from manufacturing to engineering and shipping process, and the primary goal is that you get everything you ordered in a timely manner.

At the same time, the ISO process is thorough, and it will use accurate measuring tools that will help you along the way.

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