Considerations for selecting a refrigerated van

As experts when it comes to commercial vans and rentals of all sizes and types, the freezer truck rental team is here to make sure that your business selects the correct van for the job. When considering for refrigerated units, you need to remember the following:

The refrigeration equipment

With the need for a rental van, you have to go for one which has equipment which comes from manufacturers who are well known. It should be a company that has a long standing reputation for reliability and consistency. It has to be one that designs freezing and refrigeration systems to be able to handle all stages of the transportation.

Configuration and size

Find out the storage capacity which you are going to require for your rental refrigerated van. You should have an option of choosing large van, super mover, midi mover and much more and thus, go for one which will work well for you. Picking one which has a tail-lift or the side loading door option will make it easier for the unloading and loading of the food or catering cargo.

Overnight considerations

If the route you will be following will require ferry ride, stop, park overnight, you need to get a truck and van which will be able to maintain the right temperature constantly to keep the food frozen or chilled.

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