Airport terminal Planning, Development and design

Concerning the Program

Many factors and factors enter in the design and planning of contemporary airports. Securely moving people, aircraft and cargo interior and exterior facilities requires coordination, cooperation and collaboration among internal and exterior stakeholders.

The Airport terminal Planning, Development and design Professional Education Professional certificate of completion, offered online by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical College – Worldwide, will introduce students towards the vast and sophisticated problems with airport terminal planning. Our experienced faculty address how social, regulatory and political changes have influenced today’s design and planning. To get the certificate of completion, participants must complete four from the five courses the following:


Airport terminal Design and planning – 6 days

Airport terminal Security – 6 days

Airport terminal Sustainability and Ecological Management – 6 days

Airport terminal Safety and Certification – 6 days

Airport terminal Terminal Planning – 9 days

Who Should Attend

Anybody whose career necessitates an awareness from the development and design of airports to incorporate:

Airport terminal Planner

Condition Aviation Planner

Condition Dot representative and staff

Airport terminal / Aviation Director

FAA Airports District Office Director and Staff

Airport terminal Operations Manager

Airport terminal Planning Consultants

National, Regional, and native agencies and associations directing and managing airport terminal design and planning efforts

Air travel Managers

Key Topics

Airport terminal Design and planning:

Know how the basic principles of design and planning are built-into airport terminal facilities. Incorporated is overview of current airport terminal facilities as well as their industry ranking when it comes to passenger movement and cargo throughput.

Recognize the worldwide variations in design and planning. Comprehend the physical variations of airport terminal design, such as the terminal facilities and aircraft parking.

Understand the idea of Multi- Airport terminal Systems and just how they impact airport terminal design and planning.

Find out the factors of landside access and egress including intermodal transportation systems to attain an orderly flow of traffic in the facility. Planning the process of airport terminal ground access enhancements is going to be examined.

Comprehend the concepts and procedures of baggage handling systems. Mechanical in addition to computerized complex systems is going to be discussed.

Airport terminal Security:

Understand emergency threats and responses

Identify responsibilities from the airport terminal security coordinator

Understand physical security concepts and crime prevention.

Airport terminal Safety and Certification:

Airport terminal Certification Needs

Airport terminal Emergency Plans

Airport terminal Save Firefighting

Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Airport terminal Hazards

Runway Safety

Winter Operations

Airport terminal Sustainability and Ecological Management:

Need for Sustainability


Ecological Rules

Sustainability and Ecological Decisions at Airports

Course Specifics

When: Classes are offered quarterly, beginning every The month of january, April, This summer and October – each course is six days long courses might be taken individually or multiple courses could be taken at the same time. The following courses begin on April 25, 2017.

The airport planner would help you in the development of green field airport. They would select an appropriate site for the development of the airport. They would consider environmental, geographical and meteorological data for the development of the airport.

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