Hostgator – More than Just Web Hosting

Hostgator Coupon 2014Before I go further, check out the Hostgator coupon codes 2015 that are available online. There are great discounts out there guys, you just have to look in the right places, but today you are fortunate as we did the searching for you!

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Web Hosting, is one thing, but if you are in search of a more specialized hosting service for the duties you need your website to perform than look no further than Hostgator. Most Web Hosting services just provide each and every last one of their clients the same basic features, with subtle differences in functionality yet a significant jump range between the costs of each account type (i.e. basic or pro).

At Hostgator, your features can change between each “class,” of account that you choose, either PersonalClass or PersonalClass ASP, Business Class or BusinessClass ASP, ResellerClass or ResellerClass ASP, VPSClass or VPSClass ASP, and lastly DedicatedClass. You will also find various Hostgator Coupon – 2015 online which is an additional feature that will lower the cost of Hosting for you. There are various promo codes that change all the time but you should find at least one with a value of 30% – anything more is rare but there are occasional promotions that can help you save up to 75%.

In all of these classes, except for Dedicated Class there are the two different account types: basic and PRO. Of course, PRO gives you more features and functionality, like all other Web Hosting websites, but that’s not the point. The point is that Hostgator goes above and beyond, and has specialized Hosting, which provides more, specified, features and functionality based on what type of Hosting you need.

When you navigate to, then scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see the different types of Hosting service they provide. Their main services are listed under Web Hosting, but then you’ll also see Blog, CMS, Ecommerce, Video Sharing Software, Forum and Social Network and Community Website Hosting. This is where Hostgator is changing the game.

“If someone coded it, we will host it!” A sentence found in each and every specialized page for the different types of hosting that Hostgator provides. After allowing this sentence some time to really settle in, I realized that this just isn’t even fair! Hostgator has basically built a Web Hosting empire, with a support team that has recognized and found several different types of coded platforms that perform various functions: such as WordPress for bloggers,  vBulletin for a forum community, Joommla for CMS websites, etc.

So let’s take a closer look at one of these specialized hosting pages. When you navigate to say, Blog hosting you’ll come to a page with a list of different blog services such as some familiar faces including the ever popular WordPress, and three dozen more, smaller and lesser known open source blog developers. There are actually thirty-seven but one of them is WordPress SEO pack, so that doesn’t count as its own stand alone software, it’s just a different version or rather, a different compilation of features utilizing the foundation of WordPress code.

If you’re anything like myself, one who thought that they had a good understanding of web hosting, you’re probably just as surprised to see all of these open-source codes available and built to perform our out-perform other highly listed, and more popular blogging sites. Hostgator has done a number by finding each of these lesser known open-source codes, not just for blogging, but in all of the aforementioned categories of Web Hosting support that they provide, and partnering up with them.

Each partnered open-source code has been integrated with Hostgator, getting their customers up and running quickly with pre-installed and pre-configured websites, so the users can start working right away on the customization and content of their website. Hostgator truly provides more than just Web Hosting.

Arvixe Offers the Best Discounts On The Web

arvixe discountsIf you’re thinking about or planning on buying a web-hosting package from the best hosting service on the web (that would be Arvixe, in our opinion), this is a great time to do so. Why is it such a great time, one may ask? Well because they currently have some pretty good Arvixe Promo Codes available, better than any other web-hosting service out there. There are several different coupons available in 2014 from Arvixe. You can easily find the coupons throughout the Internet.  Below, we are going to tell you about the coupons we see available.

A 10% Coupon

For a featured discount, we found a 10% coupon available as a “lifetime discount.” It works well for the duration of your account with Arvixe. This discount is available with all shared plans or a VPS plan.

A 20% Coupon

Perhaps a onetime 20% discount may work best with the plan you select. This discount is good for only new accounts and can be used with once for on any Arvixe PersonalClass, Windows, Linux web hosting plans.

Free Domain for Life Coupon

Another fantastic coupon being offered by Arvixe is a coupon for a free domain for life. This coupon entitles anyone buying a new hosting plan to get a free domain for life. Another feature of this special offer is that it is free and automatically renewed annually, as long as there are no outstanding payments due.

A Free Domain Name for New Accounts

Who wouldn’t want a free domain name? With this one, you get a free domain name, free website transfer, no hidden fees and no games.

Welcome Back Discounts

Customers that come back to Arvixe, get what is called welcome back discounts. If you left the company, but then decide to come back, you will be greeted with a wonderful “welcome back” discount.

A Wide Array of Packages and Services Available That You Can Put the Coupon Codes Towards

Arvixe also has a wide array of packages and services that work in concert with the various coupon codes. Their web-hosting services include Shared Web-hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers and Reseller Hosting. Any of the coupon codes will work with any of the services mentioned here. The discounts are just waiting to be used by future and returning customers.

Arvixe is a Company You Can Trust

Arvixe is a trusted name in the web-hosting industry, it’s name that has world-wide name recognition, surely you have heard of them before. It’s a name that a legion of dedicated customers trust for all of their web-hosting needs.

Trust is everything in the business world, customers have to be able to trust that their service providers are professional, and provide an excellent product and service. One element goes hand in hand with the other. That’s what the valuable customers of Arvixe have found, and with the various coupons being offered, there is even more incentive to join the ranks of the many satisfied Arvixe customers around the world.

Alternate Hosting Coupons

We see that many of our readers are Hostgator fans and it just wouldn’t be right to neglect you guys. So, we have a few Hostgator Coupons and beyond for your use. You can expect a maximum discount of 30% with these coupons.